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The Creator Circle is a conscious incubator that supports you in building your business and breathing life into your vision. This high-frequency container is for creatives and entrepreneurs who have a business that they want to launch, expand or grow. We've spent decades delving into deep transformational work, building businesses, testing marketing strategies, succeeding and failing, and building extraordinary networks - and have recognised the potency of building a vision from the inside out.


What does that mean? Firstly, ensuring the vision comes from our heart and is in alignment with our true self and purpose. Secondly, utilising our greatest superpower, our intuition, to guide us in taking aligned action from the orientation of the vision. The result? Building your vision with ease, flow, fun, expediency and efficiency - all the while being a magnet for opportunities you couldn't possibly imagine. When you're in alignment possibilities and potentials flow to you. This is a new way of doing business. We combine businesses, marketing, coaching, psychology, energy work and conscious creation.  We’ve curated the greatest resources, experts, structures and networks to support you no matter where you’re at.


We recognise that self and business are not separate. This is a space where you are invited and encouraged to bring your whole self - including your challenges, your wins and your ideas - and you will be supported by us and an extraordinary community of creatives and entrepreneurs every step of the way.  


Our framework, building your vision from the inside out, is a little different. We don't force, push or hustle. It's a process of ease, flow and magic. Yes, a business can be created this way!

When we get beyond our thoughts and feelings -our limited perception of what we believe is possible- we connect with our intuition and access billions of bits of information we otherwise wouldn't see. This is what makes our process so powerful. We've experienced the success of this creative process over and over again.


Our framework has three key components - self, vision and creation. 


We start with self - everything we experience externally is a mirror of what we feel inside. If we feel worthy, we will be open to receive. If we have love for ourselves, we will experience great support from those around us.


If we know ourselves on an intimate level, we will know where we want to place our attention and energy. Within the program, we look at where you are at, your agreements and your perception of what you believe to be true. We explore your archetypes, values, purpose,  beliefs, human design, choices and the tools and daily practices you use to nourish self. 


The vision is key. Keeping your focus on the vision will result in it coming to life. This is at the heart of the entire process. 

 We support you in not only creating and ensuring your vision is aligned with your greatest heart's desire, but also in mastering the art of feeling and embodying your vision. 


We co-create with you a land of plenty and the choices you will visualise each day in line with your vision. It will be a practice of stepping into your end result and intuiting the aligned action that comes next.


We have a team of experts with decades of experience to support you in designing strategies, systems and tools to build and grow your business that is unique for you.  


We have brought together the best in business, strategy, marketing (social, advertising, website development, design, video etc), sales and more.


As you continue to build your business you will be fully supported by our extraordinary community and networks.

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The Mastermind is an ongoing container for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to expand their current business or bring to life their vision and want support of regular mentors, resources, networks and a community of like-minded creatives. 

This container brings the pieces of the puzzle together so you will feel supported and aligned in bringing your vision into the world or expanding your current business. You will be taking action every step of the way with the support of the entire community and all of our networks. This will be unlike any way you may have worked before as you will build your strategy taking into consideration how you are designed, your values, who you are and what you want to create.    

You will join a connected conscious community of like-minded people where there will be opportunities for collaboration, expansion, partnership and friendship. Once you join the creator circle, you are part of this community for life. 


  • Monthly 3-hour Masterclass to deep-dive on a particular Marketing topic (value $300). 

  • 2x Weekly Group Calls (including expert calls) (value $800)

  • 5x Archetype Assessments   

  • Tools to support in gaining clarity of your vision. 

  • Access to The Academy (see below)

THE ACADEMY (value $200)

  • Self Modules 

  • Vision Modules 

  • Creation Modules 

  • All Expert Content Recorded & Available in the Academy​

Silver: $400 per month (pilot special only, limited spots available)

Gold: $600 per month (includes a monthly 1:1 coaching session with Laura (normally $350). 

*Minimum 3 Months 




The Academy is an ongoing resource library filled with rich content in each of our three pillars - self, vision and creation.


The library is a growing resource which houses foundational content for this program delivered by Laura, including visioning processes, the creative process, harnessing your intuition, developing business and marketing strategies and step-by-step execution processes that will support you in building your business.


The library will also include content from our extensive team of experts in the fields of creation and visioning, embodiment, human design, strategic marketing, branding, building creative (video, photography etc), media execution and more. 

New content is added to the academy numerous times a month.  


  • Self Modules 

  • Vision Modules 

  • Creation Modules 

  • All Expert Content Recorded & Available in the Academy

$200 per month (coming soon)





Laura is the founder of VIVO Marketing, dedicated marketeer, trainer, coach and an all-round genius at all things business and marketing. She brings to the table decades of experience from top tier corporate marketing, building her own businesses as well as supporting hundreds of SME businesses in building success along the way.

As an entrepreneur and experienced marketing strategist, she fuses top tier corporate marketing with grassroots DIY executional tactics, offering her clients the whole package no matter at what stage the business is at. She specialises in strategy, digital advertising, funnels, social media and building creative that connects with your audience. 


With a background in psychology and a passion for consciousness and wellness, she is actively engaged and involved in supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in this space to successfully breath life into and expand on their vision. Laura values connection, fun, creation and growth both personally and professionally.  


  • Joe Dispenza - Becoming Supernatural & Daily Meditation

  • ICF certification in coaching with Coach Masters Academy

  • Tony Robbins UPW and Mastery University - Date with Destiny, Life Mastery, Wealth Mastery & Business Mastery. 

  • Dr DeMartini - Breakthrough Experience & 1:1 coaching in this method with Louanne Ward.  

  • William Whitecloud - Create Your Destiny

  • Dan Mangena - Beyond Intention & M2M 

  • Belinda Bailey - The Love Codes & 1:1 coaching in this method with Belle.

  • Tahlia Reynolds - 1:1 coaching in conscious creation

  • 12 months of 1:1 neurology work on subconscious patterns with Nick Moss, Scott Robinson, Juels Pellow. 

  • Tamica WIlder - Embodiment & Heroine work. 

  • Mindvalley Quests - Wildfit & The Longevity Blueprint.



  • 10 years experience within Sales, Category and Marketing roles in Unilever (Streets, Lipton Ice Tea, Dove, Lynx, Ben&Jerry's, Lipton Tea), L'Oreal (Elvive Haircare, Elnett, Studio Line, Hair Expertise) and CUB (Carlton Dry). Managed over $50 million in marketing spend. 

  • Founded VIVO Marketing 5 years ago and have worked with over 500 small and medium-sized businesses crafting strategy and executing marketing tactics. 

  • Facilitated over 10 courses (both online and physical) during this 5 year period of VIVO including the Lead Generation Maximiser and Business Momentum for Coaches. 

  • Worked with hundreds of clients in contribution of the community, consciousness and wellness.  

  • Double Degree Arts/Commerce from Melbourne University majoring in Marketing & Psychology.

  • Kerwin Rae - Nail It & Scale It in Sydney

  • Rhonda Swan - Brand Building in Bali

  • WILD - Business Mastery in Hong Kong 

  • Sunny Lenarduzzi - YouTube for Bosses. 


Our team at The Creator Circle are the best of the best in their fields as well as our own personal coaches and execution experts. They bring decades of experience working with individuals and groups, as well as a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in getting you aligned with your vision and building your businesses. Each provides extraordinary value and support no matter where you're at on your path.


OUR Extraordinary TEAM



Lauren Armstrong

Lauren Armstrong helps entrepreneurs step unapologetically into their purpose so they can fill their programs without spending time on marketing that won’t work for them. She does this using their unique human design. She is also the creator of the FLOW Formula: a system designed to help each individual leverage their unique energetic blueprint in their life's work. She developed this through her journey from a corporate employee to entrepreneur and believes that no matter where you are spending your life and work you can tap into true fulfillment and success.

OUR Extraordinary TEAM



Flick Shea

Flick is a design thinker, collaborator and innovator, delivering experiences and solutions that work and look incredible. Flick specialises in applications for devices of all shapes and sizes. You can find Flick wireframing, prototyping, designing patterns, creating stunning new brands and designing gorgeous websites. Flick has a great love for dogs (even though she doesn't own one), coffee and pineapple on pizza (happy to own it). Flick has an incredible ability to design something that feels like you as she's highly intuitive and brilliant at capturing the essence of those she works with.   

OUR Extraordinary TEAM

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Dave Collins

Videography, storytelling, and business development are Dave's passions. Video is such a powerful medium for storytelling and with extensive experience in commercial broadcast, Dave was excited to bring high quality and creative film to SME businesses to elevate their presence. Not only is Dave a know-it-all when it comes to all things video production, he also knows a thing or two about selling pianos and pouring the perfect pint of beer. Everyone who knows him will tell you the same thing – you will never catch Dave without a smile on his face. 

OUR Extraordinary TEAM

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Grant and Clare

Grant and Clare are extraordinary photographers with over 30 years experience between them. What makes them so extraordinary is their ability to create a high frequency container and light up a room and any person . They are incredibly creative and generous with their time and photos. They are billiant value for money as they provide you with the entire bank of photos taken on your shoot (either in the studio or at a location of your choice). Their specialities lie in gorgeous lifestyle photos and portraits that showcase the unique relationships and characteristics of each tribe. 

OUR Extraordinary TEAM



Duncan Casey

Duncan is an exquisite copywriter and is well versed in the space of consciousness and wellness. He is an award-winning actor, producer and writer and has extended his love of writing into the world of marketing, websites, blogs, descriptions for YouTube SEO and all other things copywriting. Duncan's work speaks for itself. His writing is elegant and engaging, he is fast and efficient and a pleasure to work with. Duncan is incredibly flexible and happy to work with clients to tailor a solution for them.  

OUR Extraordinary TEAM



Tahlia Reynolds

Tahlia ignites your genius and potential - and is a shining example of masterfully living in her genius and powerfully creating from this place. With razor-sharp intuition, heart-led compassion and divine creative wisdom, Tahlia shines light on your genius and teaches you to harness your unlimited personal power. Tahlia sees greatness in you, before you’ve met it in yourself. The human genius and potential series explores all things creativity, magic, intuition, genius, ego and so much more. 


A few words from clients that have worked with us over the years.

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