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Every great brand needs a brilliant strategy

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STRATEGY                                 CREATIVE                               EXECUTION                             CONSULTING                         MENTORING 

VIVO injects your business with the capability required to build a powerful brand that attracts leads, so you can grow

Day in, day out, we collaborate with conscious brands to build marketing strategies, campaigns, creative, websites, ads and so much more, to magnify brand appeal and accelerate growth. We know that every business has different needs so all of our services are completely customisable and flexible.

Bring new ideas to life in your custom marketing strategy

Your Marketing Strategy is the blueprint for success, tailored to your specific requirements. This is where we uncover opportunities, refine concepts and bring new ideas to life. A brilliant strategy will ensure you truly connect with your audience at every touchpoint, dramatically improving the quality of your marketing efforts. Walk away with a volume of actionable ideas and a robust, strategic roadmap for how to build your brand and grow your business. 

The strategic marketing approach

Our strategic model explores the key elements that are the cornerstones of a successful marketing program. 

Brand Strategy

Brand Audit

Marketing Objectives

Target Audience

Brand Identity

Product Architecture


Creative Strategy

Brand Positioning 

Brand Platform

Messaging Strategy


Creative Elements


Media Strategy

Media Channels

The Conversion Funnel

Tools & Automation

Action Items

Marketing Calendar


We also support you with the execution to ensure you hit your objectives

Once the strategic foundations and marketing calendar has been created for your brand, it’s time to take action. There are a variety of ways VIVO can help you execute your strategy depending on your marketing budget and capability within your team.

Fractional Marketing Director 

Support, coach and drive the efficiency of your team by leveraging 18 years of marketing experience. 

Outsourced Project

Outsource your project, design, website or campaign to our internal team and talented pool of freelancers. 

Outsourced Marketing Team

Outsource all of your marketing and project requirements to our internal team and talented pool of freelancers. 

Let's work together

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