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Meet the creators at VIVO Marketing

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Amplifying the impact brands make in the world

We’re dynamic 🚀 creative 🎨 techy 💻 and efficient marketeers — and ❤ we care. Day in, day out, we collaborate with conscious brands to build marketing strategies, campaigns, creative, websites, ads and so much more, to magnify brand appeal and accelerate growth. We become an extension of your marketing team, a marketing director to train your team, or a marketing manager to help you execute. And we bring heart to each and every project - because we believe true connection is the key to brand love.

VIVO has supported hundreds and hundreds of brands BIG and SMALL in growing their business through consulting, workshops and short courses. We LOVE working with brands committed to impact - it is part of our purpose, soul and spirit - so we can help brands shine in this space.

Our values

Our values drive everything we do with our collaborators and our clients. We live and breath them. 

Creativity & innovation

We're in it together

Heart centred collaboration

Mutual trust & respect

Meet the founder

Laura is an experienced marketing strategist, marketing director, innovator, mentor, trainer, and the founder of VIVO Marketing. With over 17 years of marketing experience, I have worked with over 350 brands from top-tier corporate to SMEs, and built multiple projects as a partner along the way. 

I fuse top-tier marketing strategy with grassroots execution tactics to significantly increase efficiency and make budgets go further.

I bring together an incredible pool of creatives, artists, and freelancers to create magic for our clients. My specialties are in strategy, innovation, digital advertising, Linkedin, funnels, social media, and building creative that connects with your audience. I have spent two decades developing competency in a variety of methodologies to understand the human psyche and how to deeply connect. 

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  • 18 years experience in big and small brand marketing. 

  • Founded VIVO Marketing in 2016 and have worked with over 350 SME businesses crafting strategy and executing marketing tactics. 

  • 10 years Corporate Marketing experience at Unilever, L'Oreal, and Carlton United Brewery.

  • Co-founder of the 5x5x5 AI Marketing System.

  • Co-founder of Integrated Vitality Retreats with Nick Moss and The Creator Circle with Amanda Walker. 

  • Facilitated over 10 courses (both online and physical) including the Lead Generation Maximiser and Business Momentum for Coaches. 

  • Double degree in Marketing & Psychology.


  • ICF Certification with Coach Masters.

  • Tony Robbins UPW and Mastery University - Date with Destiny, Life Mastery & Wealth Mastery.

  • Dr DeMartini - Breakthrough Experience

  • Joe Dispenza - Becoming Supernatural 

  • William Whitecloud - Create Your Destiny

  • 1:1 coaching in love, conscious creation, embodiment and subconscious patterns.

  • Mindvalley - Wildfit & The Longevity Blueprint.

  • Lenka Lutonska - Energetic Sales & Marketing

  • Dan Brule - Breathwork Mastery

  • Ayurveda work

Meet the talented team

Our extended team at VIVO are the best of the best in their fields as well as our trusted execution experts as they continue to deliver time and time again. They bring decades of experience working with individuals and groups, as well as a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in building your businesses.

meet the team
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