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Elliptigo Experiences


Automate the Elliptigo Marketing Systems end-to-end and build Digital Marketing Funnels

ElliptiGO bikes provide a fun and innovative way to exercise outdoors. With both elliptical and traditional pedal motions, the stand up riding position is comfortable and provides a hyper-efficient workout without the impact of running. The Elliptigo Australia team offered 'experiences' where you were accompanied by a guide on a ride and also sold Elliptigo bikes.


The team engaged VIVO to automate their marketing systems end-to-end - from lead generation, to email automation, booking of an experience or test ride, and follow up - whether it be nurturing to another ride or purchase of a bike. Digital Marketing Funnels were built using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads that led to a landing page where details were collected and then the leads were followed up with an extensive email marketing campaign. 



Media | Conversion

Brand Identity

Creative Strategy

Media Strategy

Funnel Strategy

Hero Video Script 

Hero Video Film

Ad Creative 

Social Look & Feel

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Google Ads

Marketing Funnels 

Email Automation

Landing Page

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The Most Notable Successes

Scripted, shot and edited hero video for the brand and the Australian website. The hero video delivered the key brand messages as well as featured key consumer occasions and health benefits for riding on an Elliptigo. 

Created and split test 20+ Facebook and Instagram Ads to create leads for the free test ride of the Elliptigo. This was an incredibly successful campaign with the team receiving lots of requests for test drives and also selling multiple bikes. ​

Setup of Active Campaign as a CRM system to track their leads end to end - including acquisition, all contact points and email.  




Marketing Automation set up within Elliptigo's booking software and the new CRM platform to automate the sales funnel end to end (including booking test rides automatically, reminders to the Elliptigo team and nurtures for the customer at all points of the sales process - pre-test ride, post-test ride and follow up after this).   

Email automation campaigns set up for all Facebook Ads, Google Ads and lead magnets to ensure that all leads captured were nurtured through to a 'free test ride'.  


Setup of Google Adwords, keyword research and optimisation of google campaign over time to ensure quality leads were being generated.      

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