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Build a Marketing Strategy that supports the aquisition of high value B2B clients 

The team at Soul'd provide sales training that transforms your life. They deliver a holistic approach to improving mindset, culture and results. Their vision is to create the happiest and most successful organisations in the world. The Soul'd team were looking to expand their B2B connections and create a sales funnel that would support them in selling into blue-chip organisations. Part of this funnel included crafting a sales deck that utilised statistics and connection to build a story and positioned the Soul'd team as experts. The deck also included numerous impressive case studies they were able to leverage. 

Collaboration with the Soul'd team also included brand revitalisation, a full Marketing Strategy,  refinement of product offerings, a creative strategy and content plan, a sales funnel for B2B businesses, an email automation sequence and lead generation using LinkedIn. 


Marketing Strategy

Brand Positioning

Creative Strategy

Media Strategy


Brand Logo Refresh

Sales Deck

Social Media Content

Wesbite Update

Media | Conversion

Email Marketing

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Content Marketing

Speaking & Events

Lead Magnet & Funnel

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The positioning for the brand was refined and a new logo was created by the team at Soul'd. This new look and feel has been rolled out to all assets of the brand including the website. The new branding looks fresh, modern and fun.  

A full creative and content strategy was built for the brand including ideation around a new content series 'The Million Dollar Agent - From Good to Great'. This will also look to be rolled out over a podcast. 

A lead magnet, sales funnel and email automation was mapped out for the brand including a welcome series and a sales series. The email automation will ensure all leads get exposed to key benefits and points of difference of the brand as well we testimonials and case studies from key clients. 


LinkedIn Lead Generation was enabled for the brand within the real estate industry. A series of messages was mapped out for the director to use to engage with agents directly through his LinkedIn account and nurture them. 

A content plan for LinkedIn was created to ensure once the connections were made that the audience was receiving value from the team at Soul'd and omnipresence started to build. 

A sales presentation was mapped out from end to end and refined with the client - including key pages, headlines, imagery and key copy. The flow of the document followed a key process used within VIVO that is highly influential and connected to the clients problems, needs and desires. 


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