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Integrated Vitality Case Study

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Integrated Vitality Retreats, marketing

Create a Brand & Marketing Structure for Integrated Vitality to Sell Out the First Retreat.

Integrated Vitality Retreats provide life-changing holistic health retreats based on integrative medicine and neuroscience. Their integrative health practitioners use functional brain-based approaches in the treatment of the brain, body, psyche and spirit. They draw from a variety of different clinical modalities across complementary medicine to create lasting transformation. The goal was to sell out the Five Star March Retreat in Bali and create enough content to provide marketing collateral for consecutive retreats.

The collaboration with VIVO required a full end-to-end solution working closely with 5 practitioners from the Integrated Vitality team. It included building a new website, creating the brand identity, a full marketing strategy and execution of the marketing strategy. 


Brand Identity

Creative Strategy

Media Strategy

Website Wireframing

Ongoing Strategy


Brand Logo Design 

Retreat Video

Retreat Photography

Social Look & Feel

9 Zones Video Course

Always On Video Content



Media | Conversion

Website Development

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Social Media Content 

Google Ads

Email Automation

Marketing Automation

Practitioner Campaign

Influencer Campaign

Vitality Competition 

Retreat Manual Artwork and Printing

Retreat Induction Pack

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Brand Wins

Sold out the Integrated Vitality Retreat in March in Bali with 23 participants. Participants had an incredible time and we got glowing testimonials. 

Collated significant amounts of content on the retreat - both video and photography. Social Media during the retreat peaked the interest of the interactive Facebook Group. 

Built a highly engaged Facebook Group and filled it with almost daily video content from the practitioners. Group members gave glowing feedback as to how the videos were helping them. 




Filmed a 9 part video series to be used as a lead magnet on the website and throughout social. This will be set up with funnels and email automation to nurture the audience. 

Created extraordinary branding and built a beautiful phase 1 website. All collateral for the retreat looked professional and premium (including the 250 page manuals).  


Facebook Ads and Influencer work with the practitioners has built a significant email list and engaged Facebook Group that will continue to be supported and nurtured.  


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