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Garlicious Grown


Build a Marketing Strategy and support with the marketing execution to grow the Garlicious brand. 

Garlicious Grown is Australia's largest producer of Black Garlic - an oxidised preparation of  garlic using controlled temperature and humidity to produce tarry black cloves with umami flavours of sweet molasses. The multiple award winning Black Garlic may benefit health and wellbeing - it can act as a powerful antioxidant, lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. Black Garlic is incredibly rich in flavour and is a versatile gourmet ingredient that can be added to many dishes to give them the WOW factor. 

VIVO was engaged to support Garlicious Grown refresh their brand, all collateral and materials (including website, social, brochures, banners, event stands etc), build a marketing strategy and support in the execution of that strategy. Building marketing funnels and optimising Google Adswords, Google Shopping, Banner Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for sales growth has been a major focus with impressive results.  



Brand Identity

Creative Strategy

Media Strategy

Website Wireframing

Ongoing Strategy

Hero Video

Brand Refresh

Website Design

Social Look & Feel

Website Copywriting

Campaign Content

Brochure | Leaflet 

Distributor Sales Deck 

Media | Conversion

Website Development

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Google Ads

Email Automation

Trade Shows


Magazine Collaborations


Influencer Campaigns

Chef Collaborations

Marketing Automation

Marketing Funnels 

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The Most Notable Successes

A complete brand refresh including all collateral - website, social media channels, brochures, downloadables, banners, event stand collateral and presentation decks. The brand was lifted to look and feel premium in nature, to match the gourmet product.   

Website refresh and rebuild - including an upgrade of all brand elements, design elements and product imagery. This lifted the look of the brand tremendously to be in line with it's premium positioning.  

Digital Advertising setup and optimisation of performance across Google Ads, Google Shopping, Banner Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. The ROI has increased significantly as a complete portfolio and continues to be improved. 




Marketing Automation and funnel setup for cook book lead magnet to nurture leads through to purchase. This was used as a lead magnet on Facebook to gain cheap leads and build the email list.  

Seasonal marketing campaings to bring highlight occassions or trends including christmas, easter, fathers day, mothers day and lockdown (featuring picnic hampers). These were very successful in driving additional bundle purchases or present purchases. ​

Consistent new collaboration opportunities coming through to feature the Garlicious Grown brand such as an influencer campaign with Master Chef contetant Callum Hann. 


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