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Coach Masters Academy


Build digital marketing funnels that generate high quality leads for the Live Coach Training events.

Coach Masters Academy is ANZ’s premier full-service professional coaching provider who are undeniably at the forefront of Transformative Coaching worldwide. The academy delivers coach training that is approved and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF),  the organisation that sets the standards for professional coaching globally. Each year the NZ team holds 3-4 coach training courses including a live 4-day event and 10 weeks of online practicals - during covid they also expanded to include 1-2 online events.


VIVO was engaged to build out digital marketing funnels for lead generation for the events (both online and offline). The funnels included Adwords, Facebook and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn, landing pages and email automation.  The results were incredible - quality leads were generated at a cost per lead of 1/4 of the previous campaigns.  


Funnel Strategy

Content Strategy 

Advertising Strategy


Media | Conversion

Copywring for Ads

Copywriting for Landing Page

Video - Testimonials 

Photography for Ads 

Facebook & Instagram Ads


Email Marketing

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Content Marketing

Lead Magnet & Funnel

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The Most Notable Successes

Facebook Ads performance was exceptional. Previous campaigns yielded results at approximately $15 per lead We were able to get results down to $2.70 per quality lead. This resulted in 5x the amount of leads for Coach Masters Academy with the same budget.  

Facebook and Instagram ads were split test with approximately 25+ different variants of the ad being shown and assessed for effectiveness. This included a mixture of 3 key target audiences, artwork and copy. Copy was crafted for each of the key target audiences and specialised call-outs were created around key events within the year (ie. new year). 

Successful campaigns were rolled out for additional coach training dates and locations across New Zeland and Australia. 

Video content was also used within the lead generation funnels both within Facebook and Instagram Ads as well as within the email marketing. A video testimonial video was filmed and cut together and proved very effective in bringing in new leads and sales. 

Tailored landing pages were created that were specifically designed for lead generation and to qualify the leads. These were tested and adjusted as the campaigns changed.  

LinkedIn was used for connection expansion amongst the core target market, lead generation and content marketing. This proved to be a highly effective tool as many HR managers and Managers were able to be identified and messaged directly on LinkedIn. 


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