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The Good News Guide


Build The Good News Guide from the ground up, including ideation, strategy, filming, content distribution, automation, membership and streamlining operations.  

The Good News Guide is a collection of conversations, stories, ideas and tools from the greatest teachers, thought leaders, healers and humans on the planet. Lisa Winneke hosts this beautiful space where you can expand your mind and open your heart. This conscious show was born from a desire to provide the world with good news, expansion and range of perspectives within the world of consciousness and wellbeing. The business then expanded into building out a full membership community and portal with masterclasses and wellness classes from these incredible teachers and healers. The content is rich and the love is flowing.   


Lisa approached VIVO with an idea and we have supported her in building this dream from the ground up. Together we strategised and built out the brand identity, YouTube channel, Podcast and continued to expand her thriving Facebook and Instagram communities. 



Media | Conversion

Brand Identity

Creative Strategy

Media Strategy

Website Wireframing

Partnership Proposal

Ongoing Strategy

Brand Logo & Style Guide

Filming & Editing the Show


Social Look & Feel

Sponsorship Proposal

Website Copywriting

Web & Graphic Design

Competition Campaign

Promotional Video

Website Development

Membership Platform Development

YouTube Channel Growth & SEO

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Social Media Content 

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Systemisation of Operations 

Email Automation

LinkedIn Content

Marketing Automation

Podcast Interviews

Partnership Outreach

Lead Magnet Funnel

Brand Management

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The Most Notable Successes

Website Design and Development of This project was completed in collaboration with Lisa including wireframing, copywriting and graphic design. The Web Development product was built alongside the YouTube channel and artwork for all of the thumbnails of the conversations was created during this process.


Filming and Editing of The Good News Guide show in conjunction with partners. This process has been streamlined for efficiency and cost reduction along the way while keeping the quality of the show extremely high. 

Constant content marketing and advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) to promote the weekly conversations and the membrship. This audience was then captured using a pop up lead magnet and nurtured through a funnel to purchase.


Creation of The Good News Guide YouTube Channel including SEO for content titles, thumbnails and descriptions. This process has enabled approximately 50% of the views within the channel to come from YouTube and Google searches.

Design & Build of The Good News Guide Membership program including a comprehensive platform for Masterclasses, Wellness Classes, Resource Library, Gifts & Offers, Lives with Lisa and Recommended Programs. Each Masterclass was supported with a landing page, Facebook ads and email automation to prompt signup and attendance. 

Creation of the membership launch campaign - WIN 1 of 15 transformative prizes. This campaign was supported with a landing page, advertising, Facebook lives, social posts and stories and a viral concept which enabled the building of the email list and the commencement of the Membership with a significant community.    

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