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Choices Gluten Free Case Study

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Choices Gluten Free, marketing strategy,

Rebrand and build a new marketing mix for Choices Gluten Free in preparation for retail expansion and store francising. 

Choices Gluten Free was built to a $5M brand and sold. Under new management, a vision was born to completely rebrand and scale Choices Gluten Free. Consumers with allergies and intolerances are used to GF products tasting hideous. Our challenge was to shift from a brand that exclusively caters for those with serious allergies and intolerances to a brand that caters 
 to all people who are looking to reduce the amount of gluten they consume. We needed to position the brand in the centre of trust, taste and desire.

VIVO was engaged to assist in the brand refresh (visual and messaging), the Marketing Strategy and support with executional elements of the rebrand and relaunch (photography, website, social etc). 


Brand Identity

Packaging Identity

Line Extention Strategy

Creative Strategy

Media Strategy

Brand Messaging

Website Wireframing


Brand Logo Redesign 

Brand Messaging


Media | Conversion

Website Development Support

Facebook & Instagram Support

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Brand Wins

The brand redesign we undertook was extensive - both from a visual and messaging perspective. The brand was repositioned from a clinical, allergy-centric brand to a stunning lifestyle brand that delighted the senses of consumers.  

An incredible food photographer was engaged to uplevel the brand in terms of style and to ensure the food looked delicious (which is contrary to what alot of people believe about Gluten Free food). 

Website redesign and launch​ to lift the brand perception. We supported in the wireframing of the site and the layout (using the stunning food photography). 


Strategy around line extension, new flavours and products that could be included in the range. This included research into snacks in the broader category, trending flavours - why shouldn't Gluten Free options offer just as much flavour and variation as other gourmet products? 

Strategy for remodel and expansion of retail stores. A hyper premium look based on exquisite French bakeries in Paris. This was to create a platform for the brand to uplevel and take on a premium feel.


Strategy for packaging and extended distribution including ranging in gourmet stores and big retailers such as Coles and WW.  


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