We love building powerful brands that live distinctively and vibrantly.

It’s time for your brand to live in this century! We help SME businesses grow profits by building ultramodern, top-tier Marketing Strategies that effectively showcase their brands in the digital age. We understand that it’s expensive and challenging to find and retain top marketing talent, so we’re here to help guide you and your team strategically (without the extensive price tag).   

 We utilise modern content marketing and brand building strategies, rapport and credibility building techniques, SEO and targeted social marketing tools to rapidly increase lead generation, customer acquisition, and professionalism. We aim to elevate the perception and awareness of your brand and unlock brand growth. 

Our company values embody the adventure and spirit the VIVO name suggests. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients find success & fulfilment, & can’t wait to work with those who share our zest for life.

Meet the Team

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Laura Craig

Marketing Director

Hey there, I’m Laura, the Marketing Director & founder of VIVO. My past life consisted of 9 years working in the marketing department within top tier corporates (Unilever, L’Oreal & Carlton United Brewery). I’ve worked on a number of huge brands with impressive huge budgets and had exceptional results; Carlton Dry, Ben & Jerry’s, Streets Ice-Cream, Lipton Hot Tea, Dove, Rexona, L’Oreal Elvive Haircare, Elnett Hairspray and L’Oreal Hair Expertise. I launched VIVO to fulfil my love of adventure, travel, connection and business building – and to foster a connected community of entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to work with you so make sure you connect with me on linkedin or email me at


Connor McCreesh

Social Media Director

Hey I’m Connor! I’ve helped in the creation of 20+ startups and along the way have developed a knack for building viral traffic systems. If you’re looking for hundreds of thousands of followers, or tens of thousands of daily website clicks, I’ve figured out the scalable social media system that delivers it! 


Flick Shea

Creative Director

Hello! For as long as I have known, I have been passionate about graphic design. After University, I landed a design role with a technology start-up company, which brought me to the forefront of the digital space. Seven years later, my love for both digital and print has proven to become a great part of my life. I have worked with small to large businesses in establishing a brand and seen them flourish in the market. I love working closely with my clients as it is key to creating great innovative and effective design by understanding the client’s vision for a project.

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Sara Pitt

Web Development Director

Hi! My name is Sara Pitt. I am an artist who accidentally fell head over heels in love for code and design. I have spent years working as a web developer, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses turn their vision into fully scalable websites. My background in the arts has landed me in various creative roles, working for clients who range from multinational corporations, to nationally touring bands. I have a soft spot for entrepreneurs of all sorts (being one myself), and the past few years has seen me working extensively within that niche.

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Brad Russell

SEO Expert

Hey, I’m Brad and I’m the resident SEO expert at Vivo Marketing. I’ve been an SEO and E-Commerce specialist for over 8 years and constantly see epic results with the work I’m involved in. My work was quintessential in transforming a small, family-owned business (at Kitchenware Direct – now Kitchen Warehouse) with a team of just 3 people, into Australia’s largest online kitchenware and cookware retailer. Over the years my passion for helping SME businesses realise their potential and get their products/services seen by as many customers as possible has grown and grown. I love to see the transformation within these businesses. Within the last 3 years, I’ve helped businesses in a wealth of different industries increase their organic reach online. Let’s partner together and we can achieve the same success for your business.

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Levi Saunders

Business Development

Hi there, I’m Levi and it’s a great honour to be a part of the diverse team at VIVO. I’m a high school teacher turned entrepreneur, with vast experience and success in various different business types, both online and offline. I am very much a people person and understand the social aspect of business is crucial even in the online world. I have always had a desire to help business owners by working with them directly or finding them the best possible people to work with to ensure their future endeavours are successful. I have taken a particular interest in online marketing and SEO in the past few years, as I see it as critical for any business wanting to attract new customers and reach the company’s full potential.


Jack Morgan

Head Of Social Media

Hey, i’m Jack. I manage all of the social media content teams here at VIVO. I make sure that all of content we create is the content you want for your brand and is going to give you what you want from your social media. I love being part of the VIVO team, it’s super fun with so much exciting stuff going on. At VIVO I’m surrounded with great people that make the work we do rewarding and enjoyable!


Aldreen Alcantara

Social Media Marketer

Hi, I’m Aldreen – your dependable social media marketer. I’ve been in the digital marketing world for years and have helped numerous clients grow their businesses through social media. I’m a team player with an entrepreneurial spirit and a degree in Psychology (watch out!). I own a food place in a food park, a local cosmetic brand and I trade on Forex / the stock market. I know what it takes to grow a brand and am excited with the prospect of helping you grow yours!


Rachel Yancey

Video Gal

Hey Hey! I’m Rachel, your resident Video gal. I discovered video as my favorite storytelling medium when I was back in college, working towards an advertising degree. It was there I realized that I didn’t just want to write and market, but create! Since this life-shifting realization, I’ve worked in TV, Film and various other video platforms. Today I find myself creating great online brand content for businesses and individuals who have a story to tell. I’d love to help tell your story.