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A Bit About VIVO

We’re dynamic | progressive | creatives | techy | efficient | marketeers | and we care. Day in, day out, we collaborate with conscious brands to build marketing strategies, campaigns, creative, websites, ads and so much more, to magnify brand appeal and accelerate growth. And we bring heart to each and every project - because we are devoted to building connection and spreading love.

VIVO has supported hundreds and hundreds of brands BIG and SMALL in growing their business through consulting, workshops and short courses. We LOVE working with brands committed to impact - it is part of our purpose, soul and spirit - so we can help brands shine in this space.

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

OUR VISION is to support people in growing their business so they can get up each day remaining in their genius and loving what they bring to the world.  

OUR MISSION is to be extraordinary marketing consultants for businesses committed to making an impact and provide the strutures, systems, executional elements and networks for businesses to thrive.  

OUR VALUES embody the way we live life and work with our clients



Being in Greatest Contribution

Being in



of Self

Staying in our Genius & Honouring Others in Theirs

Living from

the Heart

Ease and


Listening with

Full Presence

We're All in

it Together

Having Fun

& Celebrating


& Kindness

Growth &




Hi, I'm Laura, an experienced marketing strategist, marketing director, innovator, transformational coach, mentor, trainer, entrepreneur and the founder of VIVO Marketing. I have a deep love for growing businesses, transformation, creativity, consciousness, wellness, and supporting others in developing both personally and professionally. With over 15 years of marketing experience, I have worked with over 350 brands from top-tier corporate brands, to SME businesses, and start-ups, and built multiple projects as a partner along the way.

As an entrepreneur and experienced marketing strategist, I fuse top-tier big brand marketing strategy with grassroots DIY execution tactics to significantly increase efficiency and make budgets go further. Ideally as businesses grow, they need 20% marketing director resource and 80% young digitally savy executional resource. I help businesses realize this balance, training and upskiling internal teams as they execute. I enjoy the process of collaborating with our incredible resource pool of creatives, artists and freelancers, to not only create magic, but ensure budgets go further. 

My specialties are in strategy, innovation, digital advertising, funnels, social media and building creative that connects with your audience. I have a significant background in psychology and have spent two decades developing competency in a variety of methodologies to understand the human psyche and how to deeply connect. I value connection, relationships, fun, creation and growth.



  • 10 years experience within Sales, Category and Marketing roles in Unilever (Streets, Lipton Ice Tea, Dove, Lynx, Ben&Jerry's, Lipton Tea), L'Oreal (Elvive Haircare, Elnett, Studio Line, Hair Expertise) and CUB (Carlton Dry).

  • Founded VIVO Marketing 5 years ago and have worked with over 500 small and medium-sized businesses crafting strategy and executing marketing tactics. 

  • Facilitated over 10 courses (both online and physical) during this 5 year period of VIVO including the Lead Generation Maximiser and Business Momentum for Coaches. 

  • Worked with hundreds of clients in contribution of the community, consciousness and wellness.  

  • Double Degree majoring in Marketing & Psychology. 

  • Tony Robbings - Business Mastery

  • Kerwin Rae - Nail It & Scale It in Sydney

  • Rhonda Swan - Brand Building in Bali

  • WILD - Business Mastery in Hong Kong 

  • Sunny Lenarduzzi - YouTube for Bosses. 


  • Joe Dispenza - Becoming Supernatural & Daily Meditation

  • ICF certification in coaching with Coach Masters Academy

  • Tony Robbins UPW and Mastery University - Date with Destiny, Life Mastery & Wealth Mastery.

  • Dr DeMartini - Breakthrough Experience & 1:1 coaching in this method with Louanne Ward.  

  • William Whitecloud - Create Your Destiny

  • Dan Mangena - Beyond Intention & M2M 

  • Belinda Bailey - The Love Codes & 1:1 coaching in this method with Belle.

  • Tahlia Reynolds - 1:1 coaching in conscious creation

  • 12 months of 1:1 neurology work on subconscious patterns with Nick Moss, Scott Robinson, Juels Pellow. 

  • Tamica WIlder - Embodiment & Heroine work. 

  • Mindvalley Quests - Wildfit & The Longevity Blueprint.

A few corporate brands Laura has managed: 


Our extended team at VIVO are the best of the best in their fields as well as our trusted execution experts as they continue to deliver time and time again. They bring decades of experience working with individuals and groups, as well as a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in building your businesses.

OUR Extraordinary TEAM



Flick Shea

Flick is a design thinker, collaborator and innovator, delivering experiences and solutions that work and look incredible. Flick specialises in applications for devices of all shapes and sizes. You can find Flick wireframing, prototyping, designing patterns, creating stunning new brands and designing gorgeous websites. Flick has a great love for dogs (even though she doesn't own one), coffee and pineapple on pizza (happy to own it). Flick has an incredible ability to design something that feels like you as she's highly intuitive and brilliant at capturing the essence of those she works with.   

OUR Extraordinary TEAM

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 9.03.38 am.png


Dave Collins

Videography, storytelling, and business development are Dave's passions. Video is such a powerful medium for storytelling and with extensive experience in commercial broadcast, Dave was excited to bring high quality and creative film to SME businesses to elevate their presence. Not only is Dave a know-it-all when it comes to all things video production, he also knows a thing or two about selling pianos and pouring the perfect pint of beer. Everyone who knows him will tell you the same thing – you will never catch Dave without a smile on his face. 

OUR Extraordinary TEAM

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 8.36.51 am.png


Grant and Clare

Grant and Clare are extraordinary photographers with over 30 years experience between them. What makes them so extraordinary is their ability to create a high frequency container and light up a room and any person . They are incredibly creative and generous with their time and photos. They are billiant value for money as they provide you with the entire bank of photos taken on your shoot (either in the studio or at a location of your choice). Their specialities lie in gorgeous lifestyle photos and portraits that showcase the unique relationships and characteristics of each tribe. 

OUR Extraordinary TEAM



Duncan Casey

Duncan is an exquisite copywriter and is well versed in the space of consciousness and wellness. He is an award-winning actor, producer and writer and has extended his love of writing into the world of marketing, websites, blogs, descriptions for YouTube SEO and all other things copywriting. Duncan's work speaks for itself. His writing is elegant and engaging, he is fast and efficient and a pleasure to work with. Duncan is incredibly flexible and happy to work with clients to tailor a solution for them.